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Eternal City

This application allows you to download the comic so that you can view it with your favorite viewer! "Buenos Aires Eternal" is the story of a young man with a mission: to be the emissary of death in the streets of Buenos Aires. But it is also a renewed way to read comics. Alongside 18dev, author Sergio Carrera, it's again pointing to the new directions for the Argentine comic. With remarkable success in its version for Iphone and Ipad, "Buenos Aires Eternal" is now re-launched for tablets and Android mobile operating system. This miniseries illustrated promises to trap you from its aesthetics and originality, to dive into the eternity of the city.

Es Tarde para Matinee project view

Imaginaria Comics

Imaginaria Comics is the app to know all the original comics by Sergio Carrera, being updated with each new release. The author, whose work is among the most innovative in the Argentine comic, collaborated on Image Comics "After the Cape II", BOOM Studios "High Rollers", IDW Publishing "Gi Joe: Cobra" and DCComics "JLA: Cry for Justice" among others. Now he brings us this fresh way to read comics.

BA Libros App

Es Tarde para Matinee

App designed for a Radio show in Argentina, with the app users can listen to the radio show through the internet or 3g and interact with the show using the social media and access their web. We also tweaked a wordpress theme for their web and designed a microsite for the mobile app.

Es Tarde para Matinee project view

BA Libros

The app allows you to locate the nearest library, or to search by name. With a single click you can call the library, email or locate them on a map. It also has information on discounts for each library. If it has credit card benefits, the app displays it. It was presented in the "First Apps City Contest" in Buenos Aires, AR. (www.concursos.buenosaires.gob.ar). The app was preselected and added to the government apps repository. It was made in partnership with Andres Sentis (Design) and Sebastian Minatti (Developement).

BA Libros App

Droid Wallpapers

Droid Wallpapers is the first app we made. An application that contains 10 exclusive made by 18 Dev, only available in this application wallpapers. Quick, simple and easy to use because: It has no internet access, it has no advertising or sponsors and has fast Access. Customize your mobile device with exclusive and free wallpapers for Android.

Droid Wallpaper App

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